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A divorce is 1/3 Legal, 1/3 Emotional, and 1/3 Financial.


Texas Financial Divorce Solutions started from a desire and commitment to help people understand the financial implications of a divorce. We are able to help create a picture of the potential short and long-term consequences of possible settlements before you make a commitment that could be difficult or impossible to change. Click below to read more in-depth of how our assistance can help you in the short and long run of this difficult situation.


Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC

"Your Fair Settlement Starts Here."

As an attorney, your goal is to prepare your client's case using every possible advantage. You need detailed information and solid research so that you can present your client with a comprehensive financial plan that works before, during, and after the divorce settlement. Click below to read more of how we can be of assistance to you!

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At Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, we know what is required to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement for each and every client. Our Circle of Support team, led by Mike Barron, will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve a fair, financially equitable divorce settlement.

Click below to read more of how each of our team members are committed to each client on assisting in their divorce process, to result in the best possible settlement!

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