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Texas Financial Divorce Solutions LLC

"Your fair settlement starts here."


Client Services

Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC started from a desire and commitment to help people understand the financial implications of a divorce.


We play a vital role in helping clients understand the potential short and long-term consequences of different settlement options before they make a commitment that could be difficult or impossible to change.


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Divorce encompasses a trichotomy of emotional, financial, and legal aspects, with each component holding equal weight in shaping the overall complexity and impact of the process.

divorce settlement and financial planning

By offering a full range of services, we can assist clients in addressing various aspects of divorce, including legal matters, financial considerations, and emotional support.


This holistic approach can help individuals navigate the complexities of the divorce process and make informed decisions that align with their goals and best interests.

Attorney Services

As an attorney, your goal is to advocate for your client's best interests and provide them with comprehensive legal representation.


When preparing a case involving a divorce settlement and financial planning, there are several key steps you can take to gather detailed information and conduct solid research.


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The Best in Weatherford, Texas

At Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC we possess the expertise needed to attain a just and equitable settlement for all our clients...

Our dedicated Circle of Support team, under the guidance of Mike Barron, will diligently assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you attain a financially fair and balanced divorce settlement.

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divorce settlement and financial planning
divorce settlement and financial planning
divorce settlement and financial planning
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