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" The financial expertise most divorcing couples need."

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Here at Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, our goal is to help our clients navigate the myriad financial decisions they are facing, with reliable, unbiased financial advice to get to their fair settlement!


• Assist in negotiating a mutually beneficial settlement

• Compiling comprehensive financial information

• Determine separate vs community property and tracing

• Evacuate current and future value of retirement assets including pensions

• Calculate appropriate spousal and child support

• Examine tax implications and strategies

• Techniques to discover hidden, undisclosed or undervalued assets

• Calculate current and future cash flow analysis

• Investment Management

• Financial Planning


• Expert Witness

• Financial Representative in Collaborative Divorce

• Prepare Current and Post Divorce Budget

• Forensic Accounting and Tracing

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We invite you to contact Texas Financial Divorce Solutions to see how our services can help you get your fair settlement!

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