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Services for Attorneys

As an attorney, your goal is to prepare your client's case using every possible advantage. You need detailed information and solid research so that you can present your client with a comprehensive financial plan that works before, during, and after the divorce settlement.


At Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC we possess the expertise needed to attain a just and equitable settlement for all our clients. Our dedicated Circle of Support team, under the guidance of Mike Barron, will diligently assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you attain a financially fair and balanced divorce settlement.

Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC

 Financial Benefits 

1) Financial aspects of case preparation and settlement are professionally covered

We adeptly handle the financial aspects of the process alongside ensuring comprehensive case preparation and settlement.

2) Comprehensive financial research supporting your case

Our team of professionals conducts thorough financial research to offer strong backing for your case.

3) Reliable expert witness testimony

The invaluable role of credible expert witness testimony is paramount in delivering impartial and knowledgeable perspectives to the court, thus guaranteeing a fair and equitable legal process.


At Texas Financial Divorce Solutions, we recognize the immense stress that accompanies the divorce process for your client.


To achieve the smoothest possible working relationship, we maintain flexibility in our interactions with clients and their attorneys.


We can openly collaborate with you and your client, serving as a visible and supportive member of your team. Alternatively, we can also operate as a silent partner, discreetly offering our comprehensive range of services.

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We invite you to contact Texas Financial Divorce Solutions today to learn more about how our services will benefit you!

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